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Is jaggery healthy for diabetic patients?

Most diabetic patients suffer from type-2 diabetes. Multiple complex diseases nest in the body under the hand of one disease. Due to lack of physical work, irregular diet and lifestyle, diseases like diabetes are taking root in the body at an early age.

Doctors say that diabetes can be controlled by making small changes in lifestyle. Special attention should be paid to eating and drinking.

Many people think that eating too much sugar will lead to diabetes. But this is not correct. But once this disease settles in someone’s body, then sugar or sweet foods should be avoided.

It would be great if you could turn it off completely. There are many people who have completely stopped using sugar in cooking because they are suffering from diabetes. But instead of sugar kouta, molasses kouta has taken place in Henshel. Is it good to use molasses in the diet of diabetic patients?

Jaggery is a naturally made sweetener. It is usually made by burning palm juice or sugarcane juice. Jaggery is rich in nutrients like potassium, iron and calcium. But that does not mean that jaggery is healthy for diabetic patients.

However, since jaggery contains iron, it helps reduce high blood pressure. Still diabetic patients should avoid it. 100 grams of jaggery contains 383 calories, 65 to 85 percent sucrose and 10 to 15 percent fructose and glucose, which is harmful for diabetic patients.

According to experts, eating jaggery can increase the glucose levels in the body of diabetic patients. Many people think that eating jaggery instead of sugar keeps the blood sugar level under control, this is not true. Rather, the sucrose present in molasses increases the sugar level. Because of this, it is as harmful as sugar for diabetic patients.

Diabetic patients should include foods with a low glycemic index (GI) in their diet. Molasses has a very high GI level. Eating jaggery causes the blood sugar level to rise instantly. Jaggery in the daily diet of a diabetic patient can lead to kidney problems, heart problems and even other body organs.

However, according to nutritionists, those who do not have diabetes in their body, they can have jaggery instead of sugar in their daily diet. Jaggery is much healthier than sugar. But before using it, you have to check whether the jaggery is pure or not.

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