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What to do if the child has difficulty breathing

Allergies cause various problems in children. Bronchiolitis is one of them. If a parent has asthma, the child may also develop symptoms of the disease. And these symptoms start appearing from a young age. The child also has shortness of breath.

The first thing is that in the case of breathing problems, the same precautions that should be taken for adults, should be followed in the case of children. The child should not be allowed to sleep in the cold, AC or under the fan. Do not do anything that makes the baby’s chest feel cold.

The child should always be given enough food. All kinds of balanced food should be eaten. It should be kept in sunlight regularly. Because children who are deficient in vitamin D, have respiratory problems. And the main source of vitamin D is sunlight.

Sometimes, if the child develops such problems, some long-term medicines may be needed along with Montelukast. Remember, a child’s long-term respiratory distress can lead to the development of a major disease.

But the hope is that, even if such problems are in childhood, many of them go away when they reach adulthood. A child who has a cough should be checked for the cause of the cough, whether there is any allergy problem, or if there is a runny nose.

In this case, Tofen syrup or a medicine of one milligram can be fed at night. Rules should be followed to protect the child from cold. All vaccination courses for children should be completed.

Children should not be kept wet. Fewer opportunities for water sports should be provided. Special care should be taken in children with respiratory distress. They should go outside in warm clothes, muffler in winter. They are not allowed to go out in the evening and early morning.

If the problem is CVR, if the cough does not subside at all, if there is lung disease, you must be admitted to the hospital. It should be treated by a specialist doctor.

Author: Dr. Shamim Ahmed
Associate Professor and Thoracic Specialist
Department of Respiratory Medicine, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University

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