The carrot is a vegetable with a bright orange color and it is grown under the ground. Carrots are basically root vegetables which consist of numerous health benefits. It is sweet ,crunchy, tasty, and highly nutritious. Carrots are often thought of as the ultimate health food. Carrots contain beta carotene, fiber, vitamin K1, potassium, and antioxidants. Carrots are also good for eye health.


128 grams/ 1 cup of chopped carrots contain:

  • 52 calories
  • 12.26 grams (g) of carbohydrate
  • 3 g of sugars
  • 1.19 g of protein
  • 0.31 g of fat
  • 3.6 g of fiber
  • 1069 micrograms (mcg) of vitamin A
  • 7.6 vitamin C
  • 42 mg of calcium
  • 0.38 mg of iron
  • 15 mg of magnesium
  • 45 mg of phosphorus
  • 410 mg of potassium
  • 88 mg of sodium
  • 0.31 mg of zinc
  • 24 mcg of folate
  • 16.9 mcg of vitamin K


Health Benefits:

  • Carrots can reduce the risk of breast cancer. A variety of dietary carotenoids have been shown to have anti-cancer effects, due to their antioxidant power in reducing free radicals in the body.
  • Carrots contain beta-carotene. Few studies have shown that beta-carotene supplementation can reduce the risk of lung cancer.
  • Researches also have shown that more consumption carrots can also reduce the risk of colon cancer.
  • Few studies have found that carrot juice extract can kill leukemia cells and inhibit their progression.
  • Carrots contain vitamin A. A vitamin A deficiency can lead to xerophthalmia, a progressive eye disease that can damage normal vision and result in night blindness, or the inability to see in low light or darkness. Carrots are very good for improving vision.
  • The antioxidants and phytochemicals in carrots can help regulate blood sugar. This eventually helps to control diabetes. Carrots also help to control high blood pressure.
  • Carrots are rich in fiber. Consuming a fiber-rich diet and increasing potassium while reducing sodium intake to protect against high blood pressure and heart disease.

Note: People who have already Kidney diseases, should avoid carrots because the elements in it might increase the kidney problem more

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