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Basil Leaf

Basil or Holy Basil leaf is an herb belonging to the mint family. Basil leaf offered benefits include reducing inflammation, and it is said to have anti-aging and antibacterial properties. There are a few types of basil plants. The most popular are sweet basil, lemon basil, holy basil, and Thai basil. Though there are some differences, these all have many of the same essential food nutrients and oils in them.

Nutritional value of basil leaf per 100 grams (3.5 ounces):

  • Energy – 94 kilo joules (22 kilo calorie)
  • Carbohydrates – 2.65 grams
  • Dietary fiber – 1.6 grams
  • Fat – 0.64 grams
  • Protein – 3.15 grams
  • Water – 92.06 grams
  • Vitamin A – 264 micro grams
  • Thiamine – 0.034 micro grams
  • Riboflavin – 0.076 milligrams
  • Niacin – 0.902 milligrams
  • Vitamin B6 – 0.155 micro grams
  • Fol-ate – 68 micro grams
  • Choline – 11.4 milligrams
  • Vitamin C – 18.0 milligrams
  • Vitamin E – 0.80 milligrams
  • Vitamin K – 414.8 micro grams
  • Calcium – 177 milligrams
  • Iron – 3.17 milligrams
  • Magnesium – 64 milligrams
  • Manganese – 1.148 milligrams
  • Phosphorus – 56 milligrams
  • Potassium – 295 milligrams
  • Sodium – 4 milligrams
  • Zinc – 0.81 milligrams


Health Benefits:

  • One of the health benefits of basil leaf is that it can act as an antioxidant and help the body get rid of free radicals. Basil leaf is rich in Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory elements.
  • Basil leaf commonly used in treating fever and common cold because of Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory elements in it.
  • Basil leaf can help to prevent cancer. Basil leaf contains phytochemicals including eugenol, rosmarinic acid, apigenin, myretenal, luteolin, β-sitosterol, and carnosic acid. These elements may help prevent certain types of skin, liver, oral, and lung cancers. Sweet Basil leaf may prevent breast cancer, colon and pancreas cancer
  • Basil leaf reduces stress, Fights Depression and anxiety. The Holy basil plant act as an adaptogen. An adaptogen is a natural ingredient that helps the human body adapt to stress and promotes mental balance.
  • Basil leaf is good for diabetes management. Consumption of basil may result in slow release of sugar in the blood, which is very essential for diabetics. The herb has very low glycemic load. The essential oil present in basil also helps to remove triglyceride and cholesterol levels, which is a stubborn risk factor amongst diabetics.
  • Basil leaf is very good for liver function also. It detoxifies the body. Basil’s strong detox properties can do wonders for liver health. The liver is a very essential organ for the body as it plays a vital role in metabolism. Basil leaf can help prevent fat build-up in the liver and keep the liver healthy.
  • Basil leaf is antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic (a painkiller). It protects against infection and treats wounds.
  • Sweet Basil leaves can reduce stroke damage and support recovery, whether given before or right after a stroke.
  • Basil leaf has few elements that can help prevent some of the harmful effects of aging

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